Various Artists – Freestyle 4 Funk 2

Timewarp Music presents the anniversary 100th Digital Release! Since 2007 Timewarp is one of the first electronica funk, dub, breaks, downtempo and house labels that believed in the digital era of music business. A big stir was created in the market as we presented many upcoming names in the scene and till now Timewarp Music is one of the most respected labels all over the globe, by bringing constantly fresh food to the music industry.

After all these years Timewarp Music decides to say a big thank you! with a massive release that will hit the market for our 100th Anniversary Edition Digital Release. A twenty eight (28!) track compilation to continue the story behind Freestyle 4 Funk (back in 2007) where that compilation came to life so to present in the physical market the best tracks of our catalog of Digital Releases into a CD release. With Freestyle 4 Funk 2 we continue the story by bringing again into life our best sellers and top tunes we have released in the past four years together with some new unreleased tracks. Plus the compilation will be out in a special discount price in order to hit the stores in a (crisis free) smart price!

Included in this great package are Niles Philips’s Nose Dive (taken from Snobs & Robbers) and the AUditors DOmination remix of Ill At Ease (taken from Snobs & Robbers Revised), both featuring Tonkin.


1. Funky Destination – Drummin Intro
2. Leon – Da Gypsy Groovy (Timewarp inc remix)
3. Breakbeat Junkie – Rock the Funky Beat (Nick Pride & Pimptones remix)
4. Zamali – What Do They Know
5. Globe by dj Max & Gabb – Afrovibes
6. Dogo Argentino – Senses (Valique remix)
7. Niles Philips feat. Tonkin – Nose Dive
8. Funky Destination – Como Musica (Timewarp inc live remix)
9. Timewarp inc – Start With An A
10. Afternoons in Stereo – El PumA
11.Tournoi – Le Jardin (The Captain Remix)
12. Timewarp inc – Back to 60’s (Valique Down The Street remix)
13. AUditors DOmination – Rempeto
14. Niles Philips – Ill At Ease feat. Tonkin (AUditors DOmination remix)
15. Small Night Orchestra – Groove Massala

1. Alessandro Otiz – What You Got (Original Mix)
2. Quincy Jointz – The Place (Flashbaxx Remix)
3. Doctormusic Project – Party Has Just Begun feat. Danny Losito
4. Atfunk – Something About You feat. NavyRed (Timewarp inc remix)
5. Umbo & Balatz – Disco Thang (Valique Boogie Tech remix)
6. Dogo Argentino – 2 Minutes 2 Midnight
7. Trotter – At the Pool
8. Dogo Argentino – Daddy (Atfunk remix)
9. Trotter – Faixa Preta (B-Team remix)
10. Doctormusic Project – Party Time feat. DJ Steevo
11. Timewarp inc – Disco Frisco ft Leon
12. Flatwound – Kick Junior (Timewarp inc remix)
13. Zamali – Blue Montains (Timewarp inc remix)

Released by: Timewarp Music
Release/catalogue number: TMDG100
Release date: 05/21/2012