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Niles Philips – Snobs & Robbers Revised

After almost a year of the original Snobs & Robbers EP on Timewarp Music, Niles Philips is back with Snobs & Robbers Revised. The original EP received great feedback and support from DJ’s, radio stations and listeners worldwide. Especially the songs together with Tonkin’s lyrics and vocals, received massive airplay around the globe. Now it’s … Continue reading Niles Philips – Snobs & Robbers Revised

Niles Philips – Snobs & Robbers

Snobs & Robbers is the new EP of Niles Philips. Amazing breaks and beats combined with old school sounds, phat and dirty basslines and glitch synths plus dub influenced guitar chords and 70’s concept, create the unique blend of Niles Philips from the Netherlands! Rascals Of Funk starts off the ep. Funky breaks to the … Continue reading Niles Philips – Snobs & Robbers

Niles Philips – Greasy Does It

Niles Philips returns with a four song ep, this time with blasting hip grooves, beats and breaks! As usual Niles is mixing and composing awesome grooves and melodies with his old school techniques and unique style. What’cha doing opens the ep with hip-funk breaks and dub influenced keys and guitars. An amazing song to open … Continue reading Niles Philips – Greasy Does It

Niles Philips – Rejunction

This time Niles takes it further together with Tonkin on the track “Dirty & Divine”, with his awesome vocals. “Groove Stone” and “Elastic Pleasures” are the typical style of Mr. Philips. Groovy, funky and yet melodic to travel you in yesterday’s & tommorows sounds. He doesn’t stay only on this style! He expands his musical … Continue reading Niles Philips – Rejunction