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Niles Philips – Aggregation

On this remix album Niles Philips delivers a good old traditional hodgepodge of beats, topped with gravy of bass and beefed up with the necessary chunky bits, guitar chops and organ pops. Aggregation is all about Niles’s art of cooking (since 2007), using carefully selected ingredients by his fellow cooks, spiced up with that typical … Continue reading Niles Philips – Aggregation

Various Artists – Freestyle 4 Funk 3 (Compiled by Timewarp)

Out now on Timewarp Music, the brand new and third volume of the compilation series “Freestyle 4 Funk”. The story behind the Timewarp catalog grows each and every month with digital releases coming out there from the huge artist roster that feeds up the catalog that counts more than one thousand tracks with ep’s, mini … Continue reading Various Artists – Freestyle 4 Funk 3 (Compiled by Timewarp)

Timewarp inc. – Ghetto Drunk Remixed Vol 1

After the successful release since last February, Timewarp Inc.’s album, Ghetto Drunk climbed up at no.1 sales charts on the most important digital shops around the world. Plus it was charted, supported and played loud by many important radio stations and dj’s worldwide. Timewarp inc managed to prepare the first volume of remixes right on … Continue reading Timewarp inc. – Ghetto Drunk Remixed Vol 1

Niles Philips – Greasy Does It

Niles Philips returns with a four song ep, this time with blasting hip grooves, beats and breaks! As usual Niles is mixing and composing awesome grooves and melodies with his old school techniques and unique style. What’cha doing opens the ep with hip-funk breaks and dub influenced keys and guitars. An amazing song to open … Continue reading Niles Philips – Greasy Does It

Niles Philips – Rejunction

This time Niles takes it further together with Tonkin on the track “Dirty & Divine”, with his awesome vocals. “Groove Stone” and “Elastic Pleasures” are the typical style of Mr. Philips. Groovy, funky and yet melodic to travel you in yesterday’s & tommorows sounds. He doesn’t stay only on this style! He expands his musical … Continue reading Niles Philips – Rejunction