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Niles Philips – Aggregation

On this remix album Niles Philips delivers a good old traditional hodgepodge of beats, topped with gravy of bass and beefed up with the necessary chunky bits, guitar chops and organ pops. Aggregation is all about Niles’s art of cooking (since 2007), using carefully selected ingredients by his fellow cooks, spiced up with that typical … Continue reading Niles Philips – Aggregation

Niles Philips – Oxymoron (Cyance remix)

Cyance remix of Niles Philip’s freelease no. 1 “Oxymoron”, stretched and folded for almost 8 mins. Dubby funk vibes over chilled hip hop beats, served with a nice dish o’ bass. Released as freelease (FREE download) in high quality 320kbps MP3. Released by: Promotional Release Release date: 13/06/2012 All rights reserved, Niles Philips and Cyance … Continue reading Niles Philips – Oxymoron (Cyance remix)