About Pour Soul

Pour Soul is a (side) project of guitarist Marc, vocalist Henri (Living Room Heroes) and beat maker Niles Philips.

Music wise we all went different paths and directions and still do. But we share a big mutual ‘something’ We didn’t found out what it is yet. But IT was enough for us to say: “Hey, why don’t we just get together and do stuff to see if it will bring something so we can say, hey we can come together another time to do stuff to see if it will bring us another something.”
So we did!

Pour Soul won’t release tracks every month because combining three agenda’s filled with women, children, gigs, day jobs, beer, distance and other music isn’t always easy.

But when there is something to share, we’ll drop it at Pour Soul’s Soundcloud and the Niles Philips website.

So if you like what we do, you can always check back once in a while.

Music with a vintage taste and a touch of electronics