Niles Philips – Growth Strategies (Afternoons in stereo remix)

While taking a break from Afternoons In Stereo in 2011, the established Canadian producer was never far from the production board. With a wealth of talented and diverse artists on the Timewarp label, remix swaps and commissions were consistently present and the producer was always busy — remixes accounting for an entire album’s worth of work. Released on the original artist’s ep’s and albums, a collective overview of the producer’s remix ouvre seems in order. As such, Timewarp Music is pleased to collect together highlights from Afternoons In Stereo’s remix work on the new full-length collection ‘Conspire To Rewire: Remixes’.

Ever one to approach a remix from the ground up, Afternoons In Stereo can be counted on to bend and contort the source track by bringing in new sounds, instruments, and structures and lacing it with his signature sound of jazz-meets-funk. Using the remix format to sometimes work in music styles that are outside the Afternoons In Stereo template, the results are always unique.

Featured on Afternoons in Stereo’s Conspire to Rewire Remixes is Niles Philips Growth Strategies (Afternoons in stereo remix), previously released on Greasy Does It.

Released by: Timewarp Music
Release/catalogue number: TMDG 113
Release date: 11/19/2012